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Thursday, 09 February 2012 23:22

A Gift for Rabi al-Awwal Featured

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The Karima al-Marwaziyya Foundation on the auspicious occasion of Rabi al-Awwal is pleased to present the following unique event with a distinguished guest.

A Gift for Rabi al-Awwal

Date:  Saturday, 18th February 2012
Time: 5:00pm-7.30pm 

Overview:  Shaykh Yahya bin Muhammad al-Mulla will join us for the evening where he will give a short lecture on a topic related to the blessed life of the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace).  This will be followed by the narration of musalsal hadith to the audience which will link those attending back to the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) which is a rare and unique event, especially as Shaykh Yahya narrates from the great scholars of the Hijaz and al-Ahsa.  The evening will finish off with the recitation of some chapters from the Mawlid al-Barzanji, Qasaid and signing of ijazahs for those attending.


About the Guest Speaker:  Shaykh Yahya bin Muhammad al-Mulla is a Saudi born scholar of the Hanafi school who descends from the companion Sayyiduna Abu Bakr al-Siddiq (Allah be pleased with him).  He was born and raised in the historic city of al-Ahsa located about 900km from the Haramain.  He memorized the Quran and studied with scholars of his city notably his father.  After his fathers passing away he was sent to Makka to study in the school of the great Makkan scholar of hadith: Shaykh Muhammad Yasin al-Fadani.  Whilst in Makka he attended the lessons of numerous ulema such as Shaykh Hasan al-Mashat, Shaykh Ahmad Jabir Jibran, Shaykh Ahmad al-Ruqaymi, Shaykh Abdullah bin Saeed al-Lahji and others.  He later graduated with a degree in Shariah from the Imam Ibn Saud University and spent 2 years residing in Madinah al-Munawwarah where he also studied a number of works with the scholars present there.  In his native al-Ahsa he continued to benefit from major ulema such as his uncle Shaykh Abd al-Rahman bin Abi Bakr al-Mulla.  Shaykh Yahya currently oversees study circles in his native al-Ahsa, aswell as himself teaching in addition to his full time work.  He also holds a unique position of having meticulously edited and published a number of classic works on Hanafi fiqh and Hadith.  His ijazah and edited works are highly sought after by students and scholars alike, therefore this event is an opportunity which is not to be missed.


Cressex Community School,
Holmer Lane,
High Wycombe, Bucks,
HP12 4QA

There will be facilities for men and women including a wudu area.

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Chain of Narrations

1 - Hadith of Mahabbah (Manahil)
2 - Hadith of Mercy (Ithaf al-Ikhwan)
3 - Hadith Surah al-Saff (Manahil)
4 - Hanafi Narrators Hadith (Manahil)
5 - Handshake of Anas (Manahil)

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