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About Karima Foundation

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Founded in 1998, the Karima al Marwaziyya Foundation (KMF) was set up by a group of volunteers based in High Wycombe with the aims of

  • Helping young people though the provision of educational, recreational and leisure time projects.
  • Advancing the Islamic religion for the benefit of the community.
Over the years these aims have resulted in a number of projects:

  • The Karima Supplementary school that provides not only Islamic education but also supports students in their regular studies at school.  The classes cater for students between the ages of 4 to 16.
  • Organisation of various Islamic talks and short courses in High Wycombe.
  • Opening the doors of the largest Islamic institution in High Wycombe, Jubilee Road Mosque to the public for open days.
  • A number of arts workshops exploring various Islamic art forms.
  • A successful poetry Poetry Slam, this is set to become an annual event.
  • A Martial Arts school.
  • Workshops for young people including the Wycombe Youth Forum.
  • Overseas residential Trips for young people.

As the profile of the KMF increased in High Wycombe it became necessary for the organisation to formalise itself, gaining charity status in 2007. Currently the organisation has 9 members on the committee and a large group of teaching staff and community volunteers.

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