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Monday, 03 September 2007 14:28

Dine at Mine

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Monday 3rd September 2007

High Wycombes Communities Dine Together

A year ago, the national media descended on High Wycombe to cover the arrest of several local people allegedly associated with a terror plot. Much of the subsequent coverage painted a picture of a segregated town that was unrecognisable to most local people, and which failed to reflect Wycombes long history of multiculturalism and good race relations.
One year on, on Friday 7th September, people of all faiths and none are coming together to take part in dinner parties in each others homes and to share food and time with neighbours and strangers.

The Dine at Mine initiative has been thought-up and organised by friends Abid Hussain and Rebecca Hickman with the simple aim of bringing together people of different backgrounds, creeds and colours, who may not otherwise have the opportunity to meet each other.

Rebecca Hickman said:

We wanted to create an opportunity for people to spend time with those who they may not otherwise get to know in the course of their day-to-day lives. We hope that each dinner party will create a space where we can meet each other and learn about each other as individuals and fellow human beings.

Abid Hussain said:

These dinner parties will enable people from diverse backgrounds to realise how much unites us whether its our common values and hopes, or our frustration at the dismal performance of our local football team! In this informal way, we hope that understanding and friendships can be built across our community, contributing to all our efforts to promote harmony and mutual respect in our town.


For further information contact Rebecca Hickman on 07748 905101 or Abid Hussain on 07792 883736

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