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Karima Foundation is devoted to the revival of authentic traditional Islamic Sciences taught by our respected Sheikhs, Imams and students of knowledge who have dedicated their lives to mastering these sciences and transmitting them to the ummah.

In this modern day and age, many of us are overcome by worldly duties and others are encompassed by the many social influences that surround them. In such an environment and fast paced way of living, the Karima Foundation offers a precious opportunity to enter a very different realm where one can learn and have exposure to scared knowledge in a traditional, peaceful and reflective environment. In doing so, one can infuse in themselves deep veneration for their Creator and the Prophet (saw), giving their lives a greater purpose and meaning.

The primary focus of the foundation is to quench the thirst of knowledge felt by people of all ages and walks of life by offering a wide range of opportunities to seek knowledge such as lectures, one day couses, study circles and weekly classes. All educational activity is set up to ensure it is accessible and appealing to the target audience which is mainly English speaking. Levels of teaching range from the very fundamental, basic level Islamic Sciences to the very advanced.