Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is possibly the premier ground-fighting martial art. Made famous by Royce Gracie in the early UFCs in the mid-1990's, it specializes in submission grappling when both fighters are on the ground. Techniques include positional control and submissions such as chokes and arm locks.

In 1914, Japanese Jiu-Jitsu champion Esai Maeda migrated to Brazil, where he was instrumental in establishing a Japanese immigrant community. His efforts were aided by Gastão Gracie, a Brazilian scholar and politician of Scottish descent. As a statement of his gratitude for Gracie's assistance, Maeda taught the Brazilian's oldest son Carlos the essential secrets of the ancient martial arts technique.

About the Instructors

Our instructor (Ustaad Nisar Sheikh) is a Carlson Gracie Team London Black belt, with competition experience and has travelled extensively seeking instruction from the best BJJ instructors across the world.

Emma is our Purple belt ladies Instructor. Ustaad Atif Khan & Razwan Bashir our blue belts who instructs the Kids and beginners adult classes.


  • Mens: Mondays 8pm to 9.30pm & Fri 8pm to 9.15pm  To join ring or message 07411 765486
  • Teenagers  Age12-18 - Boys - 8pm-9.15pm Fridays Register: click here 
  • Kids: Age 7-11s - Boys & Girls - Sunday 11.30am-12.40pm & 12.30 to 1.50pm  
  • PEE-WEE: Age 5-6 - Boys & Girls - Fridays 6 to 7pm TBC Register: here
  • Ladies: Age Girls & Ladies 12 + Mon 5.15pm to 6.20pm & 6.20 to 7.30pm (Students and Ladies 12+) Register: here


Castlefield Community Centre, High Wycombe, HP12 3LL


  • Men £65 12 week block ( Students Male 12 + £45)
  • Ladies 40 pd 10 week block (Students female 12+ £40)
  • Kids 35 pd 10 week block (12 or below)

Siblings discounts available